Hola, I have a passion for digital art. I currently study advertisement & graphic design.

For questions, contact me through andreas.nordenson@gmail.com

"This chair was designed in 1948 by Sonna Rosén, a Swedish designer with a degree in interior design from the prestigious school Konstfack. The chairs name “solfjädern”, means “fan” referring to the shape of the back. Originally she designed it for an old people home so the elderly could sit comfortably. It has however become very popular in Sweden among people of all ages and is a great example of simple Scandinavian design. 
This type of chair originates from English migrants that came to America with the classical Windsor chair. From America the chair then reached Sweden where they made their own models and started to produce them in large quantities. Luckily this remarkable chair has now made it back to the states for all of us to enjoy.”
Illustration: Hannah Ravin
Copy: Marie Ahlberg
Composition & Graphic design: Andreas Nordenson View project
Chocolate bar
One of the tasks for applying to my university. Doing the branding for an upcoming chocolate company. I decided to fully go for the ecological kind mixing the brown chocolate with the green rainforest. The product had to be one of many different tastes in a collection, therefore ‘Strawberry dream’ which easily could be replaced by another flavor. View project
An illustration of the beloved Forrest Gump. When applying to my university, I was given three tasks to work on. One of the tasks was to re-create a classic movie poster, I obviously chose Forrest Gump. View project

Illustration of my grandfather who passed away a few years ago. He was a highly beloved graphic designer who worked hard for as long as I can remember. 
View project
Illustration of the swedish king, bloody. View project
View project
Album art cover done during a school assignment. View project
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View project
Kasubi is a charity organization working to build schools and help out the kids in Uganda. They have built multiple schools around the country. View project
Vinfo was a sparetime project I decided to spend my spare time on during working practice with Antipodes Wines. View project
Website for Vanim Group. Offering new innovative beauty products. View project